Please note that the kitchen may have reduced capacity one hour before the closing time, for more information call the restaurant at 031-97 04 78.

When there’s music at the Inn and other major events at Brännö, another menu may apply. Contact the Inn’s restaurant for information +46319704788 

Due to a wedding and a larger and predestinated company, the kitchen / restaurant will have closed or very limited capacity between 16:00 and 19:00 on Friday 10/8 and between 16:00 and 18:00 on Saturday 11/8.



Blackened scallop with browned butter 169: –

The evening starter (not every day, for allergies ask staff) 159 :-




Char, champagne sauce, mashed potatoes 299:-

Entrecote with red wine sauce, café de Paris butter, Serrano wrapped asparagus, pommes 325: –

Prime Rib Burger with picco de gallo, chili, arugula, oak-smoked cheese cream with bacon 199: –

Shrimp Sandwich, white fish roe, the bakery’s rye bread 245: –

Tortelloni with garlic sauce, roasted olives and mushrooms 195:-

Today´s shellfish or mussels (ask the staff for allergens) Does not apply every day. Daily Rate

Today´s Salad (ask the staff for allergens) 195:-




This week’s creme brulee 109: –

Cheesecake with philadelphia, chili & orange 115:-




Meatballs, lingonberry, cream sauce 99:-

Pancakes, cream, raspberry jam 69: –

The milkshake of today 69:-

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