Please note that the kitchen may have reduced capacity or closed 1-2 hour before ordinary closing time and also between 17.30-18.00, for more information call the restaurant at 031-97 04 78.

A la carte is served  from 12.00. Thursday & Friday we have a special menu for lunch during mid-day. Welcome!

For music events and other major events at Värdshuset and Brännö, another menu may apply, for info call the restaurant at 031-970478

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Förrätter / Starters

Sallad med betor och getostkräm, rostade pinjenötter och honung 129: – (L/N)

Salad with beets chévre cream, roasted pine nuts and honey

Slät fisk & skaldjurssoppa med rouille och vitlöksbröd 149: – (G/L)

Smooth  fish & shellfish soup with rouille and garlic bread

Löjromstoast med créme fraiche, rödlök, gräslök 189: – (G/L)

Toast with white fish roe, créme fraiche, red onion, chive

Varmrätter / Main Courses

Torskrygg, duchesse potatis, morotspuré, smörsås, forellrom (G/L) 295: –

Cod, duchesse potatoes, carrot puree, butter sauce, trout roe

Entrecote rödvinssås med balsamico vinäger, kryddsmör, friterad färskpotatis, sparris 295: – (L)

Entrecote, red wine sauce with balsamic vinegar , herb butter, deep-fried new potatoes, asparagus

Högrevsburgare med chili-aioli, pommes, tomat, ost, picklad rödlök och bacon 199: – (G/L)

Prime Rib Burger with chili-aioli, pommes, tomatoes, cheese, pickled red onion and bacon

Saffransrisotto, parmesan, ostronskivling, sparris, rostad mandel 195:- (L/N)

Saffrons risotto, parmesan, oyster mushroom, asparagus, roasted almonds

Fisk & Skaldjursoppa med räkor, musslor, rouille, vitlöksbröd 235:- (G/L)

Fish & shellfish soup with prawns, mussels, rouille, garlic bread 

Dagens skaldjur eller musslor Dagspris, gäller ej alla dagar

Today´s shellfish or mussels Daily Rate, does not apply every day

Lunchspecial, gäller ej alla dagar 169:-

Lunch special. Does not apply every day.


Husets bärpaj med vaniljsås 79: – (G/L)

The house pie with vanilla sauce

Mörk chokladmousse med smuldeg och hallon 99:- (G/L/N)

Dark chocolate mousse with crumble and raspberry

Barnmeny / Children’s Menu

Köttbullar med rårörda lingon, gräddsås och potatis / Meatballs with lingonberry, cream sauce and potatoes (L) 99: –

Pannkakor, grädde, hallonsylt / Pancakes, cream, raspberry jam (G/L) 79: –

Vaniljglass med kolasås och smuldeg/ Vanilla ice Cream with caramel sauce and crumble  (G/L/N) 69: –

2021-09-01. On the menu we have marked the dishes that contains: lactos (L), gluten (G) and nuts (N). 

With reservation for changes.