Please note that the kitchen may have reduced capacity one hour before the closing time, for more information call the restaurant at 031-97 04 78.

During our „lunch of the day“ Thursday and Friday between 12-15, we do not have complete a la carte. The lunch can, however, be supplemented with some bistro dishes. Call the restaurant to hear what’s avaliable

For music events and other major events at Värdshuset and Brännö, another menu may apply, for info call the restaurant at 031-970478


Toast “Skagen” with white fish roe  149: –


Smooth fish and shellfish soup 139: –





Cod with browned butter, shrimp, mushrooms, grated horseradish and dill potatoes (L) 275: –


Entrecote, red wine sauce, pickled red onion butter, deep fried potato with parmesan, salad with avocado, tomatoes and mango 275: –


Fish and shellfish soup with salmon, cod, mussels, shrimps and garlic bread (G/L) 225: –


Chevré with beetroot, salad, walnuts and honey (G/L/N) 195: –


Prime Rib Burger, dijonnaise, bacon-aioli, tomat, salad, pickled red onion, pommes frites (G/L) 199: –


Halloumi burger, herb & garlic dressing, tomato salsa, arugula, sweet-potatoes pommes frites (G/L) 175: –


Today´s “Plain Food”/”Husman” (does not apply every day, ask the staff for allergens)  155: –




Crème brûlée with mango & passionfruit sorbet (L) 109: –


Three small truffles  (G/L/N) 59: –




Fish ´n chips (G/L) 99: –


Pancakes, cream, raspberry jam (G/L) 79: –


Vanilla ice cream, raspberry couli, (L) 69: –

Unfortunately, we currently have a technical error on our booking form, please email directly to with your request.