Please note that the kitchen may have reduced capacity one hour before the closing time, for more information call the restaurant at 031-97 04 78.

During our „summerlunch“ Monday to Friday between 12-16, we do not have complete a la carte. The lunch can, however, be supplemented with some bistro dishes. Call the restaurant to hear what’s avaliable. A la carte starts at 17.00. Welcome!

For music events and other major events at Värdshuset and Brännö, another menu may apply, for info call the restaurant at 031-970478

Wednesday july 17, David Urwitz will have a Concert in the Glass Pavillion at 19.30. For the Music we will have a slightly different and reduced menu. This menu also applies to the outdoor seating in general. Only inside in the old part of the Inn we will have regular meny and a la carte with reservation for changes and additions. Welcome!


Hash brown, white fish roe, smoked crème fraiche and pickled onion 169: –


Cured Salmon with beetroot, horseradish, broad beans, lemon cream and vegetables 159: –





Blackened Cod, butter sauce on langoustine broth, herb potatoes, romanesco puree, butterfried peas and chips  295: –


Sesame grilled longbaked Swedish sirloin with chiliglaze, red wine sauce flavoured with star anise, herb butter, summer salad and roasted root crops  295: –


Wild garlic „risotto“ on wheat berries, „Västerbotten“ aged Swedish cheese, green asparagus, hazelnuts and roasted mushroom stock  249: –


Prime Rib Burger (or Portabello for vegetarian) smoked cheddar, truffle mayonnaise, soy marinated shiitake mushroom, caramelized onion, salad and sweet potato french fries 199: –


Moules Frites and aioli (large, main course 195:- / small, starter 125:-)


Shrimp sandwhich, rye bread, dill mayonnaise, horse radish, pickled onion, egg, white fish roe (large 245:- / small 129:-)


Today´s “fish, shellfish or mussels“ (does not apply every day, ask the staff for allergens)  Daily Price




Tarte tatin with vanilla ice-cream  99: –


Baked rhurbarb, cottage cheese ice-cream, tarragon, custard, sweet crumble  109: –


One small portion of sorbet of the house  59:-



Meatballs with lingonberry, cream sauce and potatoes  99: –


Pancakes, cream, raspberry jam  79: –


Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce  69: –

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