How to get here

How to find us

Private cars are forbidden in the southern archipelago. You get to Brännö by taking the ferry from the ferry terminal Saltholmen. Once you get to the island, you have to walk, bicycle or go by ashtray moped.


Getting from the boat to the Inn

It is a pleasant walk through the old village from the ferry terminals to the Inn. We are situated at Husviksvägen 52. From the ferry terminals, just follow the main road Rödstensvägen/Husviksvägen. We are sitauted in the middle of the island. From Brännö Rödsten it’s a distance of 1.2 km, which takes approximately 15 minutes to walk.


Boats and tickets

The ferries leave Saltholmen for Brännö almost every hour, from early morning to late night. There are two ferry stops on the island, Rödsten and Husvik.

Rödsten is the most heavily trafficated. The ferry ride takes about twenty minutes and makes one or two stops at Asperö.

The ride to Husvik takes about fifty minutes and the ferry stops at several islands, including Köpstadsö and Styrsö.

The tram/bus ticket is also valid on the ferry. You can buy your ticket at the Västtrafik service station on Saltholmen or from the boatsman on the ferry. Bank cards are accepted.

Timetable for Saltholmen-Brännö Rödsten

Timetable for Saltholmen-Brännö Husvik

Getting to Saltholmen by tram or bus

To get to Saltholmen you catch either the number 11 tram (during the summer time also the number 9 tram, make sure to check the time table), or the number 114 bus. You catch the trams at the Central Station, and the bus leaves from the Nils Ericson Terminal.

Both the trams and the bus make their final stop just outside the ferry terminal. You can use the same ticket for tram, bus and ferry, and it is valid for 90 minutes.

See Time tables for trams, buses and ferries


Getting to Saltholmen by taxi

If you go by taxi to Saltholmen, the address is Saltholmen ferry terminal.


Getting to Saltholmen by car

Private cars are forbidden in the southern archipelago.The car must be parked at Saltholmen, before boarding your ferry. There are a limited amount of parking spaces at Saltholmen, but there are larger parking spaces at both Långedrag and Hinsholmen (the two tram stops before Saltholmen). Follow the signs.


Taxi on Brännö

There is a taxi that can be booked for arriving and/or departing ferries.

Call +46 –31-757 99 80

From Landvetter Airport

Shuttle buses leave the airport every fifteen minutes, taking you to the Nils Ericson Terminal. Just outside the central station you can get on tram line 11 in the direction “Saltholmen”. You may also catch the bus “Ösnabben” 114 from the Nils Ericson Terminal, however the bus only traffics this line during rush hours; in the morning before 9 a.m. and between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Shuttle buses